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Our next meeting is June 18, 2024.
7:00-8:30 pm
Community Rooms, Giant Supermarket
315 N. York Road, Willow Grove PA
GPSCC member and well-known philatelist Mark Schwartz will present "The New York Postmaster Provisional." Mark, born and raised in the Boston area, has philatelic collecting interests that focus primarily on the postal history of Boston and Essex County, Mass; the NY Postmaster Provisional; and transatlantic mail.  NY Postmaster Robert Hunter Morris took advantage of the simplified postal rates of 1845 to create an iconic postage stamp, prior to the introduction of the 5c and 10c 1847.  The most elegant and most broadly used of all the Provisionals, it was sent to nearly all existing states as well as to 13 foreign countries. To most addressees, it had to be the first adhesive they had seen on a letter. It could be said that the New York Postmaster Provisional stamp first demonstrated the potential for adhesive stamps in the United States.
June 18 Program
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