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Next Meeting
Our next meeting is June 20, 2023.

7:00-8:30 pm
Community Rooms
Giant Supermarket
315 N. York Road
Willow Grove PA
June Program
We have a special guest speaker for our June meeting: Yamil H. Kouri, Jr., President of BOSTON 2026 World Expo. The US has hosted an international exhibition every decade since 1913, and BOSTON 2026 will be the 12th in that series. The exhibition is expected to include 4,000 exhibition frames, 150 dealers and auction houses, and more than 50 postal administrations from across the globe. The GPSCC is one of many supporters of BOSTON 2026 (see here). You won't want to miss Mr. Kouri's discussion, which will be available via Zoom at our meeting location and remotely for those unable to make it in-person. More details to follow.   
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